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Once again we can present a thoroughly updated edition of our handbook. The structure of the book is nearly the same as before, the fleet lists, statistics and ancillary texts have grown again. New details are included and a lot of photos were exchanged. As usual the tables show the fleets of the owners/operators as up to date as possible and the statistics provide the figures up to 2018. Ships on order for delivery 2019 are included in the relevant parts of the book.

The number of new ships in Europe was only 10 in 2018 but much more are expected to enter service in 2019. The German market is developing very well and the Americans are coming back after the 2016 terrorist actions in France and Belgium. Thus newbuilding activity is increasing again for European and Overseas travellers.

In other regions we are watching different development trends. In the Russian fleet the downward trend seems to be stopped. Some old ships were retired but others returned to service. Newbuilding contracts with Russian shipyards are confirmed, but the completion of the ships will take some years. More visitors are coming back to Egypt after the revolution, but most of them for beach holidays not for Nile cruises. Many ships are still laid up and are deteriorating. Which if them will leave the fleet definitely is still undisclosed. In North America one operator is building up his fleet. Now not the typical “Mississippi Steamers” are added but Europan style river vessels. No news are coming from the operators on the Yangtze River after they had opened a competition for the largest river cruise ships of the world. In Southeast Asia the number of luxury vessels on Mekong, Irrawaddy and Ganges is slowly increasing. A closer look into this area shows that there are many small cabin ships besides those of 40 beds and more.

Also in the 12th edition some parts of the book are routine work now but, generally, it remains very time consuming to collect the information from every available, more or less reliable, source of information. We took every care in updating the contents but improvements are always possible. As usual we ask for relevant proposals and news about ships and projects are always welcome.

August 2018

The 12th edition 2018/19 is available now.

The price is € 150.00 for the first and € 85.00 for the second and further copies plus postage & packing. The book is also available per e-mail in form of PDFs for EUR 290.


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